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The Stay Connected with Tech Data Series is designed to help our customers adapt to industry changes around virtual collaboration. Now, more than ever, the importance of staying connected with your team and your customers are important, so we hope you find the resources we provide in our series helpful. 

As the new normal encroaches us, finding a sense of normalcy can be trying. Social interactions dissipate and that feeling of connectedness seems to dwindle. That is why now more than ever, it’s important to harness the power of technology and enable teams to connect face to face, anytime and anywhere. With Googles powerful Google Meet application and Tech Data’s team of G Suite experts ready to support you, providing a seamless video meeting experience across colleagues is simple. Google Meet is affordable, easy to deploy, eliminates the hassle of plugins or downloads for teammates, and integrates easily with existing applications. Best of all, it’s included in the G Suite Solution, eliminating the need for extra meeting tool add in’s and purchases.

A Network You Can Trust

Have you ever had that moment of pure frustration take over? You know the one. That moment when you’re about to give your presentation you’ve been preparing for when suddenly- your video-meeting application goes down due to network issues? Well with Google, you can take a little bit of the edge off and rest easy knowing that their systems are built for these times of surge in usage. G Suite runs on Google’s global, resilient infrastructure and is designed to perform during times of high volume in traffic. Due to the increasing demand and number of new users rising each day, Googles network deployment and operations teams continue to monitor the networks closely and are continuing to increase capacity wherever it may be needed. Learn more about how Google Meet supports the increase in new users here.

To further support customers during this time, Google recently announced that they are extending advanced Google Meet video- conferencing capabilities to all current and new G Suite customers until September 30th, 2020- allowing for increased participants on calls, live streaming, and the ability to record meetings. Learn more about how Google is supporting customers here!

Learn More About Google Meet and Experience it with Tech Data

Need more details around the amazing capabilities of Google Meet? In the video below, our Tech Data G Suite Specialists will explore more of the benefits and value it brings to you and your customers. Immerse yourself in the solution as they take you on a tour of the unique features available and experience it first- hand.

Watch video here!

Onboarding with Google through Tech Data is easy and can be completed in 3 steps. Sign up for an onboarding session today to get your journey started. If you are already a partner and need to speak with a Tech Data specialist to understand more about how Google and Tech Data can support you and your customers, please email If you are interested in learning more about the ways the G Suite solution supports remote work, check out this blog post where I explore more of the productivity and collaboration applications available within G Suite.

Sydney O’Reilly has been a part of the Cloud Team at Tech Data for almost 3 years. As a Vendor Marketing Manager, she specializes in Vendor Go-to Market strategy, supporting vendors launch their products into market and helping them scale their growth through within the channel.