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Ready, Set, Cloud is a blog series shedding light on how you can accelerate your cloud business with Tech Data’s Cloud Practice Builder. In each segment of this series, we will highlight a different aspect of the program, as well as introduce you to one of our program concierges, who can offer one-to-one support and guidance throughout your cloud growth journey. Don’t miss Cloud Practice Builder: Your Roadmap to Cloud Business Success, a live office hour session to learn about the program and hear from our program concierges live.

Ever feel bounced around from person to person as you look for support on your cloud growth journey? Or feel like you are bombarded with so many types of support and things to do, that you just don’t know where to focus your efforts or what’s really worth your energy and time? I mean, there is important business to do!

But how do you keep up with the everyday operations of your business and also invest in the development of your practice, especially with something as nuanced and complex to navigate as cloud?

I think all of our partners could greatly benefit from a single point of contact who can connect us with the resources and support we need to develop our business, and that’s what’s great about my role as a Partner Engagement Rep on the Tech Data Cloud Solutions team. At Tech Data Cloud, we are deeply invested in finding creative ways to enable our partners to achieve their picture of success. Being available for partners to reach out to and talk to about big cloud problems is a very important part of this, which is why we have roles dedicated specifically to keep in contact with partners, such as mine. A big part of my role is supporting waves of partners through Cloud Practice Builder and helping them grow a solid foundation for their business from a vendor agnostic standpoint. I connect them with resources within Tech Data to help aid in their business before syncing up with one of our vendor-focused specialists who can help them grow with industry-leading cloud providers like Microsoft and AWS.

Cloud Practice Builder is our cornerstone enablement offering, helping our partners grow and accelerate their cloud practice. It is composed of three easy steps:

I work with partners to help guide them through each step of the program. You will even spot my face throughout the online experienceThere I am in the image below, welcoming partners to the Cloud Practice Assessment! 

In my role, I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk to partners about their pain points and offer solutions to help.   

Just the other day, one of our partners had difficulty building their lead generation engine and refining a unique value proposition that would resonate with their audience. I realized that the resources alone within Cloud Practice Builder would help this partner (the program takes a holistic approach to cloud enablement, and partners benefit from support across five key areas of cloud, represented in the graphic below). 

However, I also realized access to the right subject matter expert, one of our Cloud Coaches could really help my partner shift their business into full throttle. I connect them with one of our strategy experts and arranged a live virtual workshop to help. Being able to listen to partner experiences and offer help in any way I can is what I enjoy most about my role. 

Attend Cloud Practice Builder: Your Roadmap to Cloud Business Success 

Learn how you can get started with Cloud Practice Builder and make the most of the program during the upcoming office hours Cloud Practice Builder: Your Roadmap to Cloud Business on Tuesday, March 26th at 2:00 PM ET. During the session, you’ll receive a demonstration of the program, and you’ll get a chance to hear from our program concierges live, including Thai, who are here to offer you support throughout your cloud journey. Spots are Limited. 

Thai Tran is a Partner Engagement Rep on the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Team dedicated to supporting our partner community in their cloud growth efforts. Connect with Thai on email to learn about Cloud Practice Builder and how else you can grow your cloud business with Tech Data.