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Ready, Set, Cloud is a blog series shedding light on how you can accelerate your cloud business with Tech Data’s Cloud Practice Builder. In each segment of this series, we will highlight a different aspect of the program, as well as introduce you to one of our program concierges, who can offer one-to-one support and guidance throughout your cloud growth journey. Don’t miss Cloud Practice Builder: Your Roadmap to Cloud Business Success, a live office hour session to learn about the program and hear from our program concierges live.

If you want to remain relevant with your customers, multi-cloud is the direction to go and one provider you want to ensure is positioned well your portfolio is AWS. AWS provides a grand scale of cloud services and flexibility including IaaS, computer and storage, analytics, machine learning, IoT, services and more. While concerns float around the profitability of resell, today, numerous Tech Data partners capture desirable margins through the resell on top of the AWS services they deliver.

By partnering with Tech Data, not only can you reap the benefits of partnership with a distributor, such as the ability to bridge together multi-cloud solutions more seamlessly (and feel a greater sense of control and ownership over your relationship with your end customers), but specific to AWS, you can incrementally grow your practice and AWS capabilities by leveraging Tech Data in areas such as assessment, migration, optimization, and managed services, to fill in gaps as you work on developing your own in-house capabilities.

We can also help you demystify the path to growth with top cloud providers, and navigate more rapidly through their partner programs, so you can effectively expand your skill set and gain greater ROI.

As a Tech Data Partner Enablement Consultant, I am here to help guide you through your cloud growth journey with AWS by providing a clear path and programmatic approach. Our process provides you with an inside track to achieving required certifications, identifying and registering appropriate customer references, and funded programs to help drive AWS monthly recurring revenue (MRR), all critical steps to moving from registered to standard and beyond.

Building your AWS expertise and progressing through the AWS Consulting Partner journey is key to AWS advancement, earning the ability to resell and unlocking key benefits to further and showcase your expertise and better support your customers. By taking this journey with Tech Data, we will provide you with the business, technical, sales and marketing resources to help enable you to grow. One of the greatest joys of my role is doing just this — helping our partners like you create a plan of action, establish milestones, and monitor your progress throughout the entire upgrade process.

Allowing us to guide you through your AWS partner journey, will unlock many benefits including:

* Comprehensive acceleration analysis and planning sessions

* Discounts on AWS Certification Training and credits for exam completion

* Access to our world class billing engine: StreamOne

* Marketing support to help drive AWS opportunities

* Ability to offer AWS Cloud Services through Tech Data to help you scale or to add capability


Let’s start a conversation, and let me help you unlock the benefits of AWS.

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Scott Enzweiler is a Partner Engagement Consultant on the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Team dedicated to supporting our partner community scale their AWS practice. Connect with Scott on email to learn about AWS enablement and how else you can grow your cloud business with Tech Data.