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Ready, Set, Cloud is a blog series shedding light on how you can accelerate your cloud business with Tech Data’s Cloud Practice Builder. In each segment of this series, we will highlight a different aspect of the program, as well as introduce you to one of our program concierges, who can offer one-to-one support and guidance throughout your cloud growth journey. Don’t miss Cloud Practice Builder: Your Roadmap to Cloud Business Success, a live office hour session to learn about the program and hear from our program concierges live.

Have you ever heard of extreme mud runs? They typically consist of a 5k run, but they are definitely not for the faint of heart. Participants are pushed against seemingly indestructible obstacles and challenges. There is lots of mud, booby traps, things to climb and pools of ice cold water to tread through. The most tenacious participants adorn themselves in elaborate and creative costumes, flaunting their commitment to do the impossible. Those who can make it to the end are rewarded with a cold beer. Victory!

Participating in an extreme mud run is on my bucket list, but I live it vicariously through my uncle, who participated in one with a baby in a sling on his chest (don’t worry, no real babies were harmed in the process – it was only a doll).

However, I can imagine, taking the step to grow your cloud business or simply taking the initiative to remain ahead of the curve as a cloud solutions provider can feel like one extreme cloud mud run, and the baby strapped to your chest is a little more serious – it’s your business.

Your inner dialogue might sound something like this:

How do I keep track of the to-do’s of growing a cloud practice? What exactly are the to-dos? How does one start cost-effectively? Should I hire a trainer to prepare? I mean, a consultant to advise? What core areas should I focus on to ensure rapid growth and ROI?

At Tech Data, we listened carefully to feedback from our partner community, and recognizing these common concerns, focused our energies on solving how we can help our partners grow their cloud business faster with fewer obstacles standing in their way. We landed on introducing an online partner enablement program called Cloud Practice Builder. Cloud Practice Builder is designed to help partners at all points of their cloud journey advance their cloud practice in three steps:

What we sought to accomplish was pinpoint how we can meet our partners where they are today and offer a guidepost for them to take their business to the next level, completing their own personal extreme cloud mud run within just a few months. 

How to Make the Most of Your Cloud Transformation Journey (a checklist) 

To help our partners make the most of the program and ensure that they’re not in this alone, you can leverage guidance and one-to-one support from our program concierges who are here to help you realize your picture of cloud success and make sure that no sight goes unseen. They’ll help you: 

Take the pulse of your current business with our Cloud Practice Assessment. 

 Ascend your personalized Cloud Path to grow your practice quickly and deliberately. 

Keep track of your progress, and stay focused on your end goal 

Complete key milestones in your journey and grow your practice from a vendor agnostic perspective 

Engage with Tech Data’s Cloud Coaches, subject matter experts in all areas of the cloud 

Specialize in a vendor such as Microsoft and AWS and get on the way to competency and greater transactions 

Did I mention this program and support is cost-free? It’s time to get those running shoes on and prepare for the course. 

Attend Cloud Practice Builder: Your Roadmap to Cloud Business Success 

Learn how you can get started with Cloud Practice Builder and make the most of the program during the upcoming office hours Cloud Practice Builder: Your Roadmap to Cloud Business Success on Tuesday, February 26th and Tuesday, March 26th at 2:00 PM ET. During each session, I will provide a demonstration of the program, and you’ll get a chance to hear from our program concierges live, who are here to offer you support throughout your cloud journey. Spots are Limited. 

Ashley J. Martinez is a Business Development Manager on the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Team dedicated to Cloud Enablement and the supporting growth and development of our partner community. Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn oemail to learn about Cloud Practice Builder and other enablement supports available to our partner community.